Our retreats are taking a big turn in a new direction. We are restructuring our attention towards opening up the week to create radical healing in response to people’s desire to get answers and discover what is happening to them in these shifting times.


Our New Radical Healing Direction PIC1

We are coming together to create our own mastery. We want to bring our attention to being in charge of our own shifting. Pausing and ultimately releasing the constant reliance on asking anything / anyone from outside of us to always help us.


The aim being is to stop living in a cycle of needing to constantly better ourselves in a world that wants to constantly distract us into believing that we’re not either good enough or were not ready.


What if you knew of your own entirety ~ and you knew you could not fail? What would you do, who would you be?


We want to deepen into the teachings of bringing everything back to ourselves. There will be sessions in self-healing, releasing unserving habits, deprogramming conditioning, Our New Radical Healing Direction PIC2looking into the control settings of patterns, behaviors and genetic traits to ultimately come closer to restoring our factory settings.


Each person has varied levels of different emotions that will tend to govern their lives. Deep seeded thoughts of fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, doubt, grief, etc. will vary, but are present in all of us. What if your emotions were set to an automated setting and we were not in control of them as we are led to believe? And what if we were able to completely neutralize them from having any ill effect on us, forever? How would this feel? Who would we be without them?


This is the perfect opportunity for those wanting to make real changes in their lives, to resolve the unresolved. The possibility to transform comes from a commitment to take time to slow down, to connect to our own beating heart, to tangibly feel the experience of what it is to listen to our inner voice. Here is a space to cultivate energy and then apply it to deepen our intuition and connection, to be who we really are. The feeling is fantastic.


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And we always have a lot of fun, connecting with new people, exploring new enriching ways of being, leaving us feeling energized and ready for taking all we’ve experienced back to our lives. There’s no better way to experience it all surrounded by nature, with yoga and Qi gong to and vibrant healing, living foods to support the week of diving deep.


And it just gets better, to support you coming to our next retreat we have offered a never to be repeated special offer for you and your partner or friend to attend at US$2000 twin share.


To reserve your spot email us now info@artofliferetreats.com for  30th-5th April/May 2016 retreat dates. And see website for all details www.artofliferetreats.com


Join us!!