raw foodIngredients:
1 cup of millet flour (millet flour makes “Taralli” crispy)
1/2 cup of pulp sesame
½ cup of soaked buckwheat
1 cup of green olives
½ cup of water or less
salt is not needed because of the salty olives





  • Put all the ingredients in a food processor until the dough forms into a rough mass.
  • Pinch walnut-sized pieces of dough, roll first between your hands, and then against the wooden cutting board, so that the dough forms a thin rope, about ½ inch (1 cm) in diameter and 4” long (10 cm).
  • Shape each rope into a ring, and seal the edges together by pressing lightly, then set aside the Taralli rings on a teflex sheets.
  • Season with cumin and put in a dehydrator at 42 degrees for 12 hours or until perfectly crispy.



Enjoy the flavors of Italy!




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