Yoga is known by almost everyone as a philosophy or as a path, but very few know that yoga is also an art. No artist can define his own art: what art is can only be expressed through art itself, and not by words. BKS Iyengar so wonderfully says in his book The Tree of Yoga: Three qualities are required if one is to become an artist. One must have aptitude, or the ability to acquire mastery of the art; one must have tremendous love for one’s art in order to work on it with determination, effort and concentration, and one must have imagination and creativity to develop the art along new and unknown paths.


So what is your art?


We have certainly been witness to what yoga has opened up for us in our own individual lives, the expansion has gone beyond just the mere flexibility or strength in our bodies, it has also opened up the ability to explore things far greater than what we would have ever imagined.


Different tools give us different results. Knowing which tools serve us is the essence of having mastery over our decisions and actions. Just like using different materials or brush strokes to make a desired artwork, we can apply the same analogy to our life.


There are many foundations to finding solutions to life’s most complex problems; connecting to people, taking care of the body, learning new things, finding strengths and focusing on them, giving to others, connecting to nature.


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  1. If we daily doing yoga in proper way then our health and mind is very fresh all time. So i every time suggest to so many guys please do some yoga poss at home and anywhere for fitness.

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