I am healthy and vibrantly alive because of my food

choices. Nature provided all I needed to turn my

life around and get well. I eat food from the earth

and I fast regularly to give my body a break from

digestion and for it to heal at a cellular level.  I’ve

spent the last 10 days juice fasting. I feel so much

more alive when fasting, I have so much clarity.

And a deep appreciation for this knowledge and the

opportunity to heal at this level.  With no outside

sustenance and stimulation we become quite, we



Did I feel hunger? Very rarely and after the 1st day it

just gets easier and easier. I wake up feeling so

fresh and full of energy.  Did you know that 70% of

our energy is spent on digestion!

After a few days of fasting and the body has thrown

off a load of toxins we become more alert and self



Fasting is the fastest way to health!

Short term fasts relieve symptoms and long term

fasts over haul health.



What does it take to really change?

To change the body?

A change in consciousness?

Are you willing to take on a new journey?

Do you want to get well?

Are you willing to let go of preconceived ideas

about health?

Do you think because you’re not sick you’re healthy?


Disease is not random. It takes many years of

unhealthy choices and stress for symptoms to

manifest. Every little ache or pain is a signal from

your body saying HELP!  I chose to ignore all those

signals for years and ended up in a chronic state of

degeneration. I dug myself out of that awful place

and now I’m able to share with you what it takes to

be truly well and vibrant. I want to inspire you to

make those healthy choices now!


Whats on your plate?

Is it living?

Does it energise you?


Man has become unconscious when it comes to

food. We no longer know what foods are in

resonance with the body.


For the body to function at an optimum level we

must change to the foods we are designed to eat

not the foods we’re taught to eat.


When we bring ourselves back into balance with

nature and start feeding the body electrical

chemistry it changes your whole world. As

electrical beings the more electricity you allow to

flow the faster the healing and regeneration. Fruit is

the highest magnetic energy essential for healing

as energy is the core of all healing. Fruits are highly

astringent and pull the acids out of the body. Why

not try fruit fasting? Also a very powerful form of

detox. Don’t be afraid of fruit or fruit sugar, it’s the

food we’re designed to eat. Nature didn’t get

anything wrong!


Living foods are alkalising, cooling and anti-

inflammatory and pain free. Acid foods are

inflammatory, dehydrating and corrosive. Anything

you eat is either feeding dis-ease or fighting it.

Getting your food from the earth will change your

life as dis-ease falls away. We must visit this place

to get well. Your body is self healing and would

never turn on you. You only need to create the

environment for this healing to take place. You do

not have to suffer, that’s conditioning.


Regeneration is real!

Higher consciousness and a deeper understanding

of your truth arise when in harmony with the laws of



Take charge of your own health, take your power

back. You do not need anybody’s permission to

start eating this way. Claim your right as a free soul

to get out of pain. Allopathic medicine is not the

answer to getting well. They work in the field

of disease management. Human misery and suffering

is big business!


Anita Taylor


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