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Just as a waterfall trickles down a mountain side, caressing, and splattering down the solidified rock, incessantly, every day, and every night, thus evolving and shaping the mountain, ever so slightly, subtly, so do the foods we eat, they shape and sculpt our bodies, slowly, over the period of our lives.


Eating raw plant food is truly a beautifying experience!  I love walking through a blooming lush garden painted with vibrant colours, an array of textures, fresh fragrances, and rich aromas.  I am delighted to know that I lavish my body with noble gifts from nature. Allowing these gifts to nourish me from the inside out.


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By understanding the idea that what we consume on a daily basis, will create our future.  It makes sense that eating beautiful foods will support us, so we flourish, and come alive.  Beautifying foods are living foods in its raw and natural form.  Living the way that nature has intended is the last frontier we must cross.  Nature alone cures, all anyone can do is assist, and not interfere with its efforts.  Our bodies are able to heal itself, when given the raw materials to do so.


Eating different foods will lead us to certain directions in our lives.  They fuel our emotions, they create our appearance, and affect the way we act.  By consuming vital, rich, living foods that are energizing, we are going to begin feeling more bountiful, and more vibrate then ever before.
To find out what works for you, you must try and create experiences for yourself.  Always trust your own common sense, regardless what others may tell you.  What makes the most sense to you?  If it resonates with your beliefs, and it is making you feel good, go for it, and try it out!


I choose to align my diet with what is provided by nature.  When we choose not to interfere with nature, it maintains a perfect rhythm, balanced harmoniously, and its symmetry is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  To me it just makes sense!




“Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development excites the sensitive soul to tears.”
-Edgar Allan Poe

About the blogger:

Ashley Dawn is a health and sensuality coach, and an artist. She is passionate in love, beauty, and power – the Goddess power. You may also read her blogs from her own website.



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