Dhyana Mudra


I can’t say I have a favourite mudra but this one comes close. I feel a great sense of calm and relaxation whilst using it when in meditation. No wonder it’s called the ‘gesture of mediation’.


Dhyana Mudra


It’s super simple to do. The right hand is placed on the left hand with each finger gently resting on the opposing finger with thumbs touching. The hands form a triangle-like shape which circulates energy.


It’s most commonly used in Buddhist and Zen style mediations and is known as the psychic gesture of meditation.The mudra either rests in the lap or can be positioned at the level of the navel center.


If the thumbs disconnect during meditation it’s a fantastic indicator that you’ve drifted off and gives you the opportunity to bring your focus back to the present moment.


When I was in India on my days off from the Yoga Synergy training I would often go to the bookstore where I would peruse their vast collection of yoga books. I bought a little book titled Yoga Mudras by Shivayogi G. Madanbhavi . The descriptions are quite basic and sometimes most amusing:


Dhyana Mudra ‘The performer achieves greater brilliance and becomes an attractive personality. He becomes capable of influencing people widely. His worries seem to disappear as he attains mental peace. This mudra greatly helps in improving concentration.’


They recommend performing this mudra for a minimum of 20 minutes daily to achieve the above results.

Happy and safe practicing!


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  1. This is simple yet a relaxing way of meditation. After rushing all my paperworks that need to be submitted the next day, I’ll just meditate to relax my mind and my body, for me to be physically and mentally calm. This is a good way of removing all the tiredness I got from doing my paperworks.

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