Removing PesticidesHow do we really clean our fruits and vegetables? Perhaps, we can by removing pesticides from it.


Pesticides are the only toxic substances allowed into our environment to kill living things. This includes substances that kill weeds, insects, fungus, rodents and others.


It can be used to control a variety of pests, such as insects, weeds, rats and mice, bacteria and mold, and more.


Another way pesticides can spread and cause potential harm is by volatilization. Volatilization occurs when a pesticide turns into a gas or vapor after it has been released, allowing it to travel through the air and spread to different pieces of land. This can be harmful for wildlife, such as frogs or pets.


Although pesticides help farmers control insects, weeds, fungi and other potentially harmful pests it can also be harmful to humans.


Ideally, we wouldn’t have to worry about chemicals in our vegetables and fruits. However, we are not living in an ideal world. Food-grade waxes and strong pesticide coats are present in the fruits and vegetables we buy daily. A simple rinsing by water alone wont get rid of the chemicals coated around our food.

Here’s a natural way of getting rid of nasty pesticides and wax coated in fruits and vegetables.


All we need is water and vinegar. Yes, white distilled vinegar.


DIRECTIONSRemoving Pesticides

  1. Put 1 cup of water in a descent bowl
  2. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar and immerse fruits and vegetables that are coated with insecticides for 15-30 seconds. In some fruits that sprayed with thick coting of harmful pesticides, you can submerge it up to 20 minutes and then rinse with water.
  3. You can now enjoy a wax free healthy snacks.


Notes: Getting the chemicals from fruits and vegetables may shorten the fruits and vegetables’ shelf life so might as well rinse it if you’re going to use or eat the product. 😉





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