tach-vo-boAvocados are packed with disease-fighting antioxidants like pantothenic acid (B5) that can alleviate conditions like hair loss, allergies, asthma, stress and anxiety. Constipated? Avocados contain dietary fibers that can normalize bowel movements. It also has vitamin K that regulates normal blood clotting; copper that helps reduce cholesterol; folate which plays a role in DNA synthesis and repair; vitamin B6 that protects the immune system; potassium which enhances muscle strength, metabolism, water balance and electrolytic functions; vitamin E and vitamin C that protects our body from toxins.


But did you know that the way you use to peel an avocado might make a difference to your health?
Research shows that the there are more nutrients in the peel and the seed and the avocado pulp has actually much lower nutrients. So here’s a way on how to peel, cut and dice your avocado and get the necessary nutrients you need.


This method is what we call the “nick and peel”  method.


First you cut the avocado lengthwise, resulting to 2 long avocado halves that are still connected by the seed. Second you hold both halves and twist it in opposite directions until they separate.

Remove the seed and cut each of the halves lengthwise and peel it off just like peeling a banana. Lastly, you can then cut it into cubes and viola! you now have avocados that gives you the best possible nutrients.